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You too Hoomans. See: True Love (additional blog post filed) Fahrenheit 519: Vow To My Animals

Is a combination of program, circumstance, relativity and language?

Fahrenheit 519: Vow To My Animals

Wow. Guess what? It's looks like Will and Jaz-Z started an impromptu Annie-remaking (Like a bonus "Draw Jesus Day" for all those sarcastically hyperallergenic artistic types in need of a common familiar-in-name-yet-blind-to-me (Annie) show reference that apparently seems to have more relevance than ever as of late.) competition for the 'Glee Hollywood Street Over-Reaching Out-Reach Prospect Project' since I actually saw that show for the first time last night (and recorded it from that 'TTC' view too) and was like 'Ohhh, this is hilarious and layered, now I see that deserved accolades relatively speaking...', which is why I think bringing the token 'Single wave point opportunity' to have the entire world remake Annie at once as best they can interpret it through a series of different cultures and first-person lenses from around the nation and social strata and world at the same time would be really REALLY interesting, like trying to make sense of what Harvey was sayin about Thomas Jefferson and square pillars in the context of some blind never-before-seen New York socialite out in inclimate weather and going "wow, what a horrible (no pun intended) time to be outside" or whatever.

Yeah, pretty much, being me is like being consumed by the news/media/screen every time I turn it on and allow it to bounce in one direction or another, and it just being a combination of w00t!, doh., meh., WTF? in random varying order depending on the content in the limelight and it's directly indirectly directly effects on the 'sleeping/blind' "lied-to-by-you?" ones, and when ones life is geared around equations of Happiness, there is more than one way to program them, and mine is sophisticated enough to know we need the entire World, Art, and State-of-the-Art Space and Science communities to RePaint and ReMake Annie NOW as they see most fit, even to the point of having the entire story turn out to be nothing but the worst dream ever misengineered by those who came before her in the first place, and then I'll run my SuperHooman Reward-Based Design Systems from there eh?

Somewhere between Christianity and Canada the world lost it's f7cking mind on a level of nuclear toxicity that the number 5 doesn't so much conceal as merely identifies much to the painful chagrin of

What's WRONG with the world?

Multiple wrongs don't make a Right. I only say that, because it's time to consider lyrics I am oh-so-distantly blind to against my own, sitting on the street credit and redefining what tigers as animals stand for not to be taken from them by hoomans with wild imaginations not speaking directly and with full-disclosure as to where and why the origins of such constructs came from and the mere puppet token relevance of fools and clowns alike.

2 0 0 0 year-old box logic programming based on foundational premises of veils of lies and darkness that technically, literally no longer exists what makes the world so mind-blowingly surreal, yet explains the trajectory and problematic nature of the hooman GiGO 'programming feedback loop'.

Here's how most people work ---> Role models.

I loved my dad, but not enough to just accept the standard and example he set across many lives before just mine, but to improve (Dramatically) upon it, and do a whole bunch of other stuff at the same time, apparently there are numerous examples across all characters and their rhetoric that can be applied in one equation or another throughout life, and so, by which standards should rhetoric and reality be measured and gauged? That is (one of) the Question(s). :)

Litmus tests are litmus tests. What if you were a Jerry Springer orphan baby? Would you even want to risk the chance of being born into this 'Dream Game Realm' with a chance of that?

Would you be sitting there, pissed and waiting on those over-achievers like myself and others actually somehow expected to make a concerted effort to undo and patch-over some of the wrongs that have been done by relativity-based-programming over-revved for....

Time out.

*calls Bob Hope*

Dear Ghosts, Aliens, and Dogs, (Cats, whatever, just pay attention with the camera lens eyes and nightvision enhancements.),

What happened to psychiatrists and all manner of common-sense-sociologists under certain post WWII alphabet soup secrecy mind/life/role control constructs?

What about the the statistics and percentages of their patients and/or those seeking their professional evaluation services in this most recent decade?

What about Ashley?

-----Update/Just-found Addition-----

In relation to the 16 pre-voluntary-acquisition points expressed on that list linked-to above, how wrong is this picture? On how many levels and in how many ways? Why or why not?

(relatively speaking, judging from the entire range of Jetsons to Flinstones cartoon-graded REAL hoomans belief/thought/reality control technology)

If you were a rabbit, or a bird, or a

Fahrenheit 519: Vow To My Animals

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